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About Us


Welcome to Crossway Community Church!

We welcome you and hope you enjoy worship and fellowship with us. We are a community of faith in which we are glad to journey with you and share our faith with you so that we may grow together in understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. We are a community of love in which we are glad to celebrate when you are honoured and suffer when you suffer so that we may grow together in the love of God which always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. We are a community of hope in which we are glad to go with you searching for life and hope, wherever it may be, so that we may rejoice together with it.

Welcome on board!

Rev. Joohong Kim

The Crossway Story

Crossway Community Church was formed through the amalgamation of the parishes of Shirley Methodist and St Columba Presbyterian Churches.

Shirley Methodist Church was founded in 1866 and St Columba Presbyterian in 1916, so both have a long history of worship and witness in the Shirley-Richmond area.

In 2007 the two churches began to share worship services and explore ways of working together. We discovered a unity in our vision and friendships quickly developed. In July 2008, we decided to form one congregation and to share ministry and resources. Later that year, we gave ourselves a new name, Crossway Community Church. The Richmond Methodist church congregation also joined us at the beginning of 2013, following the retirement of their lay minister. The paths of the congregations have crossed and together we continue to travel on the way – the way of Jesus Christ. We seek to discover our God-given gifts, that the goodness and love of God might transform us and the community in which we live.

Our Sunday Worship

Our service style is blended worship with some contemporary and some traditional elements. components of our worship are:

Entrance of the Bible

At the beginning of the worship service, the congregation stands and a steward brings the bible forward. This symbolises the importance we place on God’s Word. The Bible is opened and placed on the communion table. A
children’s Bible is brought forward at the same time. At the end of the service, the Bible is taken from the front to the back of the church, symbolising our taking the Word to the world as we live and witness to the love and power of God in our daily lives.


The congregation remains seated for prayers unless instructed otherwise by the worship leader. Any responsive prayers are displayed on the projector screen. The worship leader’s part is in yellow print and the congregational
response in white.

Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s prayer is often prayed in our services, or it may be sung. The words are displayed on the screen.

Hymns and Songs

We enjoy a variety of contemporary and traditional Christian music. The congregation stands to sing and a Pianist or Music Team helps lead the singing.

The Sermon

Our services usually follow a theme from beginning to end. The Bible passage for the day is expounded and a message of encouragement for Christian living is preached.

Children and Young People Children are included in the first part of the
service. During this time there is a special message for the children. Children (3 – 12 years old) leave part way through the service to attend their own programme in the church lounge. Parents of new children are welcome to go out with them, until they are settled in. We work hard to be a church that welcomes children.

Babies and Toddlers

Children under 3 years old stay in church, where there is a area set aside with some toys to help keep them occupied. If there is  anything you need for your baby or toddler, please ask one of the Stewards/Welcomers.

Morning Tea after the service

Morning tea is served at the back of the church after Sunday morning Worship. We encourage you to stay for this and enjoy a time of fellowship with us.


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Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa

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Our People

Rev Joohong Kim
Phone: 385 6406

Ms Ali Greening
Phone: 027 221 1808

Mrs Anne Delaney
Phone: 385 0328EMAIL: