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A month ago, I shared a question “Why is the world imperfect?” Didn’t you wonder if the question made sense?
One day when the disciples were all together in one place, suddenly there came a sound like the rush of
Every first Sunday of the month we have Holy Communion, which begin with 1 John 4:20: “If we do not
Guest Speaker: Chris Hannen from Laidlaw College
Is the world getting better, or worse? What is your thought? Some people take the same question as a personal
Twelve years ago I was surprised when I met an Anglican minister who denied God’s creation and Jesus’ divinity, and
By JOOHONG KIM·WEDNESDAY, 28 MARCH 2018 I guess, most of you are familiar with the award-winning British musical Oliver! We
I have been talking about our spiritual journey using a model, which was developed by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich.
When we travel, we see the signposts on the road. Likewise, in our journey of faith, there are signposts. I
Shema Israel When the people of Israel were moving through the wilderness towards the Promised Land, Moses said to the